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3D Dot Game Heroes, the title that says it all

Review by Philippe – 6/26/2012


3D Dot Game Heroes. What a stupid name. Seriously, I have yet to find any redeeming qualities to this title. It's too long, it doesn't say itself very well, it's just begging for an abbreviation of some sort. It doesn't even work as an acronym. 3DDGH. I'll call it Heroes for brevity's sake, but it's a hardly satisfying compromise.

Mini-games galore!
Mini-games galore!

Thankfully, the awful title doesn't reflect the overall quality of the game. It's got its ups and downs, pros and cons, lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's... So let's abide the name and take a deeper look to see if if you'd rather spend your time (and money) on it, or avoid it altogether and go bowling.

First things first. This game is a throwback to the 8-bit era, and that brings some quirks along with it. Story? What's that? The plot is intentionally ridiculous, but that's part of the charm. What was the initial premise in the original Zelda game anyways? It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. Off you go, that's it. That's all the information at your disposal as you prepare to travel the world in hopes of saving the princess. How did we even know there was a princess that had to be saved? Don't say it was in the instruction manual; only wimps read those back then. There's a bit more backstory in Heroes, but not by much. You should be expecting this however.

One of the big draws of the game is the look. Take 2D NES sprites, and make the dots cubes, and voilą! Cutting edge PS3 graphics at their best. Irony aside, the game is awfully cute, though I find the palette too pastel for my taste. I would have preferred something a bit more vibrant, like Link to the Past or Secret of Mana colours. I find it a bit washed out, but it may appeal to some people. I suppose it's closer to 8-bit era games that way.

The really cool thing about the cube-based graphics is that you can make your own character. There's a character builder, which for some reason reminds me of Mario Paint. Whatever you can make using tiny cubes, you can play as. It's pretty easy to use, and within 20 minutes I was rocking as Dr. Zoidberg. Now that is cool.

Need a 3D Dot Hero? Why not Zoidberg?
Need a 3D Dot Hero? Why not Zoidberg?

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