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X Rebirth announced for release later this year!

Blog by ChrisA – 5/15/2012

Maybe you don't realise but I'm really looking forward to this!

EGOSOFT have announced that “X Rebirth” is due for release later this year on PC. This is brilliant news for me, as it continues—and promises to improve on—the previous games in the X series of games. "Hang on, back up," you, dear reader, may be saying to yourself. "What the heck is this all about?" Well, let me tell you.

For those of you in the dark about this series, they are action-RPGs set in space, in which you begin with a little money and a basic ship fitted with virtually nothing in the way of weapons and shields. Each game has a main mission which varies depending on the particular "start" you choose. Completing this main mission, having particularly good or bad relations with other races, or especially high ratings in your fighting or trading reputations leads to further stats being unlocked and further missions to complete.

Even after completing all of the primary missions, you can continue playing sandbox-style, leaving open possibilities for you to create your own station complexes, and fleets of destroyers which you can use to destroy all those nasty aliens. To fund all this, side missions are available from NPC stations which come in four basic types: Fight, Build, Trade, or Think, which serves as a catch-all category.

The games are incredibly deep, with a huge variety of ships available from each race, from small, fast, lightly-armoured scout ships to huge, slow, powerful destroyers or carriers, along with a suitably-enormous variety of weapons to go along with them.

The big complaint that comes with these games is the lack of a suitable tutorial or manual with the game. At the beginning of the game, building stations is incredibly complex because it involves finding a large transporter who is willing to go to collect the station for you for a fee, plus the money that it costs to buy the station in the first place.

X Rebirth promises to change all of this, making the learning curve much smoother and accessible, while maintaining the depth of the previous games.

Not much information has been made available about this new game as of time of writing, but one of the new innovations will be having two people in your ship rather than flying alone as in previous games.

I’m really excited about this new game, being a huge fan of the series, so don’t be surprised to see further updates on this game as they become available!

X Superbox, which contains all of the games from the very first, made in 1999, to the latest one, released in December 2011, currently costs US$39.99 through Steam.



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