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Shame on me : Disparaging Darksiders DLC

News by Philippe – 6/28/2012


How's that for a title, Square Enix?

And this is the Keybla... wait, where's Sora?
And this is the Keybla... wait, where's Sora?

Anywho, Darksiders 2 is (supposedly) coming out soon, and as certain as the sun will rise, THQ - just like every other developer/publisher/retailer out there - is trying to lure us in with free pre-order DLC. This is old news. But there's a new deal in town, from THQ's own personal webstore.

Last time we were told every pre-order will come with the Argul's Tomb story pack. On top of that, purchasing from certain retailers would offer us even more crap. People buying from Amazon would get a horse-riding enhancement, people buying from Gamestop/EB Games would get some extra story stuff, and people purchasing from BestBuy would get a special weapon and armour. Not too confusing at this point.

But just a few days ago, it came to pass that pre-ordering from directly from the THQ store, aka shopTHQ, gets you not only the Argul's Tomb pack, but also a fancy armor and scythe, AND DLC packs 2 and 3, expected to come out 2 and 3 months after the game's release. Are these the same armor and scythe from the BestBuy kit? Are DLC packs 2 and 3 just for shopTHQ buyers? What happens to all those peeps who've already pre-ordered when they realize they're getting screwed because there's a better deal available now? Will they cancel their orders and switch allegiances? Will we ever know who shot JR?

You might have heard that THQ hasn't been doing too well recently, and this deal is probably a direct result of their recent shortcomings. I'm not complaining about getting more stuff, but I feel this new wave of pre-order deals will hurt the industry in the long run. You know what they say - sell me a pre-order with DLC once, shame on you. Sell me a pre-order with DLC twice...



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