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Creatures 4 To Be Unveiled at Gamescom

News by Peter – 8/11/2011


I want you to do something for me, if you can. Close your eyes and cast your mind back 10-15 years, to a game populated my small, brown creatures who you helped to survive, teaching them the ways of the land, how to use tools, and what things were called. Imagine that this artificial life simulator is called, say, Creatures 1,2 or 3. Some of you will have no recollection of this event. Some of you will be filled with warm and fuzzy nostalgia. Still more of you will be possessed by a sudden inner rage, one that wants to kill the small brown critters because they're being as thick as a brick. Now open your eyes. Depending on which camp you fall into, you'll either love or hate the news that Creatures 4 is being announced at this years Gamescom event!

Creatures was an ambitious and complex artificial life simulator, and the first commercial title to build this life from the ground up, including things like DNA and brain modelling, even coding things like organ functionality and genetic diseases from Creatures 2 onwards. I remember playing Creatures 3 when I was a kid, and, well, hating it, if I'm honest. I definitely fell into the rage forever camp, but I think that was partly because I was expecting more of a game than a simulator. So when my 'norn' decided to wander into the wilderness to die for the 300th time, I decided to uninstall the game.

However, I'm seriously excited about this news. When I was a little older, playing Black and White, the creatures were my favourite part - teaching them and helping them was a big thing for me - and now I understand the concept of 'creatures' better, and with the extra AI power modern rigs will provide, I'll be really interested to see where this goes.



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