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Fatal Frame: Spirit Camera Has an Incredible Advert

News by Peter – 5/30/2012


In a 12 minute clip that's better than most horror movies around, the augmented-reality scares of Fatal Frame: Spirit Camera (as yet unreleased in Europe) come together in a short, if cliched, Japanese horror style mini-movie that not only shows off the game, but scares the bejeezus out of me.

Not subbed (though there's probably a subbed version around), the plot is fairly self-explanatory. Just watch this and know that this is a video game advert. How times have changed since Jack Black advertised Pitfall.

Spirit Camera is the latest in the Project Zero/Fatal Frame franchise, and uses the 3DS's AR systems and cameras to interact with a 'haunted memoir' that comes with the game. A pretty neat idea, but I'm not sure how much gameplay you can pull out of that concept, if I'm honest. However, we did get a great advert out of it!



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