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Blog by Tony – 2/3/2012


A lot of times good games come and go. But before they wander off into the past they always seem to find a dedicated fanbase. Such is the case with the Japanese only release Orbital. Orbital was one of my favorite Gameboy Advance games of all time and six years after its release it's seeing somewhat of a sequel (the Wii remake on the Virtual Console doesn't count!).

It was a beautiful game featuring minimalist graphics and simple, scientific based, gameplay married to a great 8-bit soundtrack. Checkit out some gameplay here:

That was 2006 and now...

One-man studio Blackish Gameshas released an iOS game, interestingly enough titledNew Orbit.New Orbit follows Orbital in similar gravitational theory based gameplay. What sets it apart is, where Orbitalwas a gameplay mechanic artfully transposing a story, character, and plot; New Orbitpresents an engaging story in the solitude of space. Here's the trailer:

When I was in middle school, my math teacher, in an attempt to praise his subject, told me about a Spaceship that used planetary gravitation as a means for travel. At the time, I was smarmy enough to surmise that fuel was still the primary causal variable to it's journey. Had I known then what I do now aboutTsiolkovsky's theory of rocket motion, I would have seen how wrong I was. But that's what you get growing up up a young boy watching reruns of Robotech and reading Charles Vivian's "A History of Aeronautics" well before you're mature enough to understand it.

If you have an iOS device, you should check out New Orbit.It's 99.



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